History of Music

History of music is fascinating in the way it allows us to look into of the most fundamental aspects of life.  Our ability to create rhythmical sounds in infinite ways and our need to do it seems to be intertwined with how we identify as humans regardless of age, color or creed.

It really doesn’t matter if your country music or classical, you may be fascinated with blues or Indian music, you may like classical piano or trash can percussion, you are involved with music. Even if you move away form all human made sounds, you are still embraced in the arms of the wind, the roar of the thunder or the rhythm of the ocean. You are always within a particular expression of sound.

The history of music is also how in every human era, music reflected the human struggle against himself, his neighbor or his society and country. It also reflects how music clashed and changed a static, rigid frame of mind to allow a new breath of life to enter the society.

Learning about the history of music is learning about history of soul in human form. Learning to play music is about learning how to express the eternal soul.