Music Is Life

music is life

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” – Plato

That statement and how long ago it was made is a testimony to the power of music. Plato did not need to know about iPads to connect to what we experience today. His awareness and his teachings of celestial music connects him to every teenager who is experiencing loneliness in the beginning of their lives and those who are getting closer to the end of a lifetime.

Greeks with their unique point of view of about joy and life have added so much the human experience. Their mythology often reflects what life is. For example, Apollo, the God of light was also the God of prophecy, healing, disease, poetry, archery and protection of the young.

Today, branches of healing study impact of music and health. Branches of psychology study the impact of sound and behavior. Those in sports performance study how music could enhance an athletes abilities. It seems that Greeks were right in their point of view that music is the thread that connects healing, behavior, performance and more.

Today, we have the ability to study the “Mozart effect.” These studies connect enhanced mental ability and emotional well-being  of those who listen to the music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Every time you listen to music that brings tears to your eyes or the genre of music that gets your heart pumping,  you are experiencing what scientist try to quantify through experimentation and observation.

Music remains an affair of the heart. You feel the impact. Sometimes you may not be able to verbalize what you feel. Lack of words  does not diminish the feelings.

It is your awareness that allows you to know if a particular genre of  music is spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically beneficial to you. With this awareness comes your ability to choose.

Historically, during oppression  humans, whether a heart broken young woman,  in her  teens, or a society suffocating under the rule of a religious or political institution, turn  to music as a way to relieve their bottled up emotion and express the freedom of spirit that cannot be bound through physical means.

Music has depths that cannot be explored fully. There is always another step within music.  Enjoy what you have and explore what you can imagine. Learn to play music and begin your journey today or  expand what you already know.